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Aligning Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

When the vision is clear and the strategies to achieve it are well-defined, leaders are often left wondering why the rest of the organisation doesn’t seem to be running for the goal as fast as they would like.
I work with leadership teams to help them quickly grasp what might be slowing down progress, and to deeply understand how to improve alignment of culture, systems and talent in order to accelerate change.

Client Testimonial

“In a fast-paced hi-tech environment where compliance was critical, we knew that a strong culture was key to our success – but something wasn’t working. Julie led a consulting team that helped us to quickly see the issues getting in our way – and worked with us on both quick wins and longer term strategies.
She helped me understand how my behavior was impacting the organization in ways I never suspected, helped us to create a stronger and more unified leadership team, and broadened the capabilities of senior leaders across the organization to build the alignment needed to achieve our mission.
On a more personal note, I felt Julie’s approach to listening, reflecting, and guiding matched the skills of the best psychologists. She embodies the characteristics that she seeks to infuse into the organizations and people she is coaching. She’s also a lot of fun to work with.”
David, CEO

Transforming the Team

Team alignment empowers leaders to collaborate more efficiently across functions and tiers, accelerate performance and deliver better results.

I coach senior teams to

  • Improve effectiveness
  • Increase clarity on how their behaviour impacts the culture
  • Understand the effect of their actions on the implementation of strategy

Cascading the Culture

I accompany top teams and their organisations through the myriad challenges of culture change:

  • Leadership development directly tied to strategy implementation
  • Expanded development for larger populations
  • Alignment of the levers for change