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How I work.

How I coach.

The fit between a coach and client is critical. Each coaching process is designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients. This includes setting objectives, guiding the client towards a deeper understanding of critical issues, and ensuring they are targeting the areas with the greatest potential impact on the organization as well as their personal development.

There is no defined term for everyone, but typically I work with clients over a period of approximately six to ten months, with coaching sessions roughly once a month. I am also available, during that time, for phone and email contact.

Set clear objectives.

Coaching is most powerful when the leader and coach work towards achieving clearly defined objectives.

Deepen understanding.

Exploring what might be getting in the way, looking for patterns and themes, asking targeted questions.

Amplify strengths.

Identifying and amplifying strengths helps leaders gain confidence and achieve quick wins.

Broaden options.

Challenging leaders to adapt their approach builds new opportunities and creates long-term change.

Shift perspectives.

Leaders often need to change their vantage point and re-examine issues from another perspective.

Review progress.

At the end of the coaching, reviewing progress against objectives and defining next steps.

My clients appreciate…

A balance of informality and structure offers them the openness they need to find the fundamental issues getting in their way, define options that they truly “own,” and relate this back to the coaching objectives.


“Julie’s insights were consistently very sharp, very helpful and to the point.”


30 years’ experience developing leaders to consistently deliver on business objectives.

Open, trustful and empathetic

“Julie’s open, trustful environment, empathy and excellent questions were particularly effective in helping me think through leadership issues, connecting back to objectives and highlighting progress.”

Balance of informality and structure

“Julie impressed me with her extremely developed hearing, comprehension and “translation” skills. She managed what seemed like a very informal coaching relationship with great rigor and efficiency.”


“On many occasions, Julie helped me see my behaviors through others’ eyes, and how I could act differently in order to get the desired outcome.”

Results focused

I acquired a feeling of legitimacy that translated into a significant improvement in my internal relationships and greatly improved the reputation of my group.”

Business focused

MBA from INSEAD and senior HR positions.

Certified coach

Certified via Ashridge Business School with Distinction.

Client Testimonial

“Julie’s coaching approach was quite unique. She focused on diagnosing difficult situations and digging into the behaviors that caused my struggles. I was doubtful at the beginning, but the outcome turned out to be very effective.”
Tiro, Strategic Projects