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Articles I’ve written.

Why High Character Matters in a High-Compliance, Digital World

Download a pdf of this article here. THE CHALLENGE OF DE-CENTRALISED DECISION MAKING Agility, flexibility, innovation—these words used to be aspirational nice-to-haves, but today a company’s survival depends on its ability to be creative and nimble. The best ideas need to percolate quickly through the

Aren’t you curious?

Download a pdf of this article here. How leaders have used curiosity as a tool to manage conflict and build presence. Bill runs a business worth over 1 Billion Euros with a team of 4000 people. His strong leadership skills had helped him to the

Staying positive in this economic outlook?

Download a pdf of this article here. For businesses to survive in today’s economic climate, positive feedback has become a ‘must’. Neuroscience research offers a compelling case as to why seeing the good side, and talking about it, matters to business. Austerity. Can we make